5 key points on selecting the best food waste disposal

Modern day conveniences may be a common lot these days, but the food waste disposal unit is one that is quite indispensable in today’s contemporary lifestyle, as they eliminate kitchen waste while making cleaning up a breeze to do. However, with so many options out there, how do you know if you are picking the best one that suits your kitchen needs? 

Here are 5 factors to consider when you are getting a food waste disposal unit:

Motor power

Being the heart of any waste disposal unit, the motor is what drives the blades and grinds up your organic food waste. In general, the more powerful the unit’s motor, the better the performance will be. For smooth, efficient operation, look for a disposal unit that has at least ½ horsepower or more. Higher horsepower motors can break down most anything – including small bones.

Noise level

It is important to choose a disposal unit that is quiet enough so as to not disrupt your daily routine. Choose units with insulated grinding chambers or sound baffles that can keep noise levels down – or opt for models with variable speed settings. KleenGard disposer comes with a low noise level at 57 dB – one that helps to reduce noise during operation. 


Food waste disposal units come in different ranges of sizes to cater to different needs. To determine the ideal disposal unit size for your home, consider the size of your family and the amount of waste that is generally generated; getting a larger unit may be a good solution for the long run as it can handle more organic food waste and be more efficient long term. You can choose from three different KleenGard models: SD 500, SD 750 and SD 1250 that range from compact to larger premium sizes respectively that caters to different residential units


Look for a model that is strong, and with durable construction – stainless steel grinding components and corrosion-resistant materials also help to ensure long-lasting performance.


As it is only realistic to expect that any disposal units will experience problems after some usage, so it is important to choose a model that comes with a solid warranty. Choose units that have at least a one-year warranty for a better deal; all KleenGard models come with a three-year general warranty. This will allow you peace of mind and protect your investment for the long term.

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KleenGard Food Waste Disposer could be your choice that fits the perfect ideal food waste disposal unit. Durable, efficient and cost-effective, KleenGard comes in three sizes to choose from that suit different residential units, you can find one that is best tailored to your kitchen needs – and enjoy hassle-free, easy kitchen cleaning that is convenient to maintain.

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