Less Food Waste, More Kindness for Earth with KleenGard.

Supposed so-and-so came over to your house for dinner; the table was set, a hearty dinner was waiting to be shared together, and everyone is in a jolly good mood. Everything was going well and you had an enjoyable time – before long, you realized that dinnertime has come and go, and it is time to clear the table and put away the dirty dishes.


Being the gracious host, you encouraged your guests to take the conversation from the dining table to the living room, and politely excused yourself to proceed cleaning the food leftovers. You went over to collect the plates of leftover food by your guests – and much to your astonishment, you found a large amount of food waste after your successful get-together. You puzzled about the pile of food waste for a second, but proceeded to slowly clear the huge amount of food waste – perhaps even shrugging your shoulders while at it; throwing everything away and binning it in the wastebin. 


Sounds familiar? 

You’re not alone in this situation. 

Statistics show that around 14% of the world’s food, billed at $400 billion per year, are lost after being harvested and before it manages to reach retail. Another extra 17%, which is approximately an alarming 931 million tons of food, ends up being wasted in retail – and yes – by household consumers. 

The figures are already a shocking factor that alarms us of our planet’s current state. Yet, the main point is not to be intimidated or be dejected by the current outlook of the planet’s situation – rather, we should strive to nurture the ecosystem of Mother Nature back to healthy levels. 

Many of us wants to play an active role in environment protection, but do you know that you can contribute to this cause from just the comfort of your kitchen, for 25 seconds each time, and without needing a food waste bin?  

With KleenGard’s In-Sink Food Waste Disposer that helps you dispose and manage food waste without polluting the ecosystem, you can accomplish that. 

Nurturing the planet back to health needs impactful and significant steps – no matter how small it may be. That is why food wastage solutions can come in various ways. Some of the solutions look like these: 
  • donating excess produce or uneaten food to local food banks
  • Selling damaged or nearly expired produce at discounted prices 
  • offering smaller portions at eating joints 
  • learning how to identify food spoilage, how to cook and how to store food properly 

KleenGard provides another food wastage solution by breaking down bulky food waste into tiny particulates to be disposed down the sink – reducing the need for food waste to take up space in landfills. You can just throw food waste into the sink hole, turn on the remote control to activate the breakdown process, and flush away the resulting tiny particulates. It is specially built with powerful Torque Master that breaks down food waste at high speed, and BioShield antimicrobial protection made of patented PARX material that prevents microorganism’s growth on the food waste disposer. Quick, efficient and more hygienic than your conventional food waste bin disposal, KleenGard is your greener choice to do a part and be kinder to planet Earth.  


Enjoy a lifestyle that includes saving more money, cooking more with less cleaning, and owning a healthy kitchen space. Even your guests will be able to tell the difference the next time they drop by for dinner at your home.  


So, why wait to start living, or save Mother Nature? 


Start today – and start with KleenGard. There has never been a better choice. 


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To ensure you don’t throw in food waste that isn’t suitable to be grinded with a KleenGard In-Sink Food Waste Disposer, you should always ensure that the appropriate kinds of food waste is disposed of properly.
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