Bottle Traps & Sinks, OH MY.

Bottle traps are usually found under every kitchen sink. They come in three types of shapes generally, and are meant to prevent bad odors in kitchens by preventing sewer gasses from backing up or escaping into your home via the sink. Bad odors can also be caused by food waste accumulating inside the bottle trap.
While bottle traps also tend to have removable filters that can help in capturing any items that aren’t meant to have been washed down the drain, that doesn’t mean that having a bottle trap under the sink lets you wash food waste down the pipes! In fact, the filters tend to trap food waste and other debris like hair inside the pipes, which causes clogging. Plus, having to change out the filter every so often to avoid having your pipes being clogged is another hassle to deal with.
Thanks to the installation of a food waste disposer, the bottle trap will become obsolete; there is no need for it anymore. And that’s why the bottle trap must not be kept when the KleenGard In-Sink Food Waste Disposer is already installed, as the water will backflow upwards from the sink pipe when in use, which will cause a huge mess later.
KleenGard is the only kitchen tool that grinds away food waste into tiny particles that is flushed into the drain. Food waste is a health hazard that your family and environment deserves to be free from. That’s why, installing a KleenGard In-Sink Food Waste Disposer in your kitchen helps keep the earth cleaner with every grind.
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